Media Release: Monday, 5th March 2001

Neil Finn announces special guests for Auckland season St James Theatre, Auckland, 2nd - 6th April

The introduction to Neil Finn's letter of invitation to the special guests sums things up best.

'As you know I am planning a season of shows in Auckland, the dates being the 2nd to 6th April. The venue is the St James - a beautiful old theatre right in the heart of town.

The concept for these shows is to invite friends whose music I admire to collaborate with me in presenting a week long musical extravaganza which I optimistically expect to be a blast.

Given a bit of preparation time and careful planning it should go far beyond the sometimes token nature of one-off all star shows.

I would hope that a genuine musical exchange takes place and that everyone involved feels inspired and stimulated at the end of it.'

And the response? A confirmed lineup including:

Eddie Vedder (vocals) Pearl Jam
Ed OBrien (guitar,vocals) Radiohead
Phil Selway (drums) Radiohead
Johnny Marr (guitar) The Smiths
Sebastian Steinberg (bass) Soul Coughing, Beth Orton
Lisa Germano (vocals, piano, violin) LA based singer songwriter
Tim Finn (vocals)

Neil will perform each night with all of these guests in what will undoubtedly be the concert event of the year. There is already world-wide interest in an event that will only take place in Auckland.

Tickets are available from Ticketek from today (Monday, 5th March).

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