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live neil chatlive Neil chat... Neil will be live online on dotmusic at 9pm GMT (4pm ET) next Tuesday Jan 16 - that's 10am on the January 17 if you're in New Zealand where he now lives.

Sunday, August 30, Neil was on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition Sunday." You can listen to the studio performance and interview with Neil Finn about his new cd, "Try Whistling This" by checking out this RealAudio file.

Neil appeared LIVE on California radio station KCRW on 13 August from 11am - 12:00pm PST (-0700 GMT). You'll need RealAudio; then listen.

Read a transcript of Neil's interview on KINK radio Portland.

Neil held a live online chat 24 August at 8:00p EST (-0400 GMT) on SonicNet via Yahoo. You can read a transcript of the chat here.

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