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Pass the popcorn. Enjoying seeing the Liberals crash and burn in WA.

Pass the popcorn. Enjoying seeing the Liberals crash and burn in WA.

February 27th

Mr Andy White visits in the evening , I've made home made Pizza and we have some chocolate bavarian cake. Andy's always welcome, we always have fun. People just gravitate to our kitchen. Maybe it's an aussie thing? We are playing his new (upcoming) album IMAGINARY LOVERS. It's really great. I like that this one was made fast, something positive around not fucking around with an album. Get your teeth into it, finish it and put it out.

February 28h

Last gasp of Summer, only technically, some very hot days coming up for Melbourne. Always slightly cooler up here at Kalorama . Our house is wonderful in Summer, we hardly put the air con on this year.

No sleep, family stuff. Just making sure everyone is ok. Thanks Wendy. x

Brian Jones would of turned 75 this week, how crazy, hard to know what he would of been like at that ripe old age. His parents were so bloody strange.

March 1st

The leaves are still in Summer mode, so we don't have the massive leaf drop- yet! It will happen, and Miss Banshee will jumping among them, cats and leaves, always a happy combination.

A really nice breakfast at Montage. A few people join us, good to see Pete again.

March 2nd

I'm poster archiving at the General Store. Nelly lets me use their giant wooden table , which is perfect. I get a few dozen done every day, a small break from our usual office work. Love posters, the art is amazing at times.

You can tell he has mates. Andy White's album launch at the Bella Union (Trades Hall Melbourne) has more "likes" then any other performance there this year. It's on April 26th (7.30 PM) . Come on down, will be a fantastic night. Also the new album will be available at the show (and for $5 cheaper then the shops and on line). Andy happy to sign them. Great so many of our mates have already said they are coming along-we are going to need a bloody big table.

Advance Tickets (cheaper price here: https://www.bellaunion.com.au/event/1154/ )

A bad news afternoon for a short time and it slowly improves.

Andy the Kookaburra returns, he was away for a few weeks , so we are happy to see him. It's weird he's starting to talk. Just the odd strange noise but he is trying.

March 3rd

Send the Enz boys some B&W's, trying to find out who took them. Did I take any of the colour. maybe. Good that the project is still rolling along.

My Mum's 79th birthday on the weekend, I mail her a present and card, which (in theory) will get to her on time.

Andy passes on the ALT live VHS so Marks working on that , hopefully there is something we can use from it.. a link further into this fortnights diary, maybe? If we can find a song or two to go up that would be cool.

March 4th

Mardi Gra is on tonight in Sydney, televised on SBS tomorrow night. Looks like rain but if it does it tends to mean Mardi Graers party even more passionately.

We head to Eastlands armed with a 30% coupon and a gift card (thanks Wendy C.x). I grab the Doc Strange bluray which has excellent reviews , and we agree it really is great.

I buy some bits and pieces for the upcoming video filming for the start segment of the AW Interview. It will be fun. Looking like our mate Georgie will be driving the car. I think I'm Elvis on a bike, Mark will direct this one. OR a giant chicken suit. Who the Fk knows.

Clip back some of the wild blackberry bushes , they can take over so quickly in this weather.

My evening spent answering Neil Finn emails. Way too many today. I'm a bit Email fried.

March 5th

Happy Birthday to my dear old Mum, she just turned 79. She almost didn't make it but here she is. We do love her.

Neils in Adelaide and lots and lost and lots of reports come in. Nice vibe...

We settle in and watch Mardi Gra on SBS, hopefully next year less MC's and more Mardi Gra. Looks like God loves his gays, the rain held off and Sydney glistened like a giant rainbow jewel. Take some photos of Banshee , who is in Mardi Gra mode.

March 6th

Bad day for the Kalorama General Store.

Weird day inside our house. I leave the office to change into something less warm and I notice that 2 of the mirrored brass stars hanging in the corridor are turning. At first i thought it might of been a breeze when i walked in but no the 2 are going faster and faster. Very strange. Thankfully the el cheapo camera is on the table from last nights snaps of Banshee. So I manage to capture the moment. No flash. The photos are odd and in one a strange glow in the corner. After a minute or so they just stopped. A total dead stop. It didn't feel ghostly just strange. Still unexplained. No windows open, no air con on, nothing. The same day the pilot light of our hot water system keep going out. By afternoon it was totally normal again too. Spooky eh possums ?

I have some calls from my worker ants for Labor. Lots of friends stepping up, happy to help kick the WA Liberals out. The Polls keep saying it's close but I'd love a massive win. Rare that it happens but the punters have missed the anger at Barnetts arrogance, praying for a big win on March 11th.

March 7th

Mow the West lawn. It's on a slope, but I get it all done in one huge effort. It always looks great when it is mowed.

Freaky John James moment, Mark and myself always talk about him. I think he is a time traveller... not even going into it here, I even wonder of John Elmsworth is his real name. I have a relative called John James too.. don't even ask what I am on about, it's done my head in. A strange man that continually disappears in history and re appears elsewhere... sounds like sci fi but he's real. If i suddenly disappear it means John James has found me, and wants to wipe me out of history because i'm getting to close to the truth.

March 8th

I was grabbing some cardboard from Storage area C and was shocked at how few copies of "Wings Off Flies" exist. Our hard cover coffee table style photo book was a limited run, and has always been a solid seller , but stock is down to just over 1 box. So over the next week, we'll give it a mention and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it will become extinct. So from our releases: Hussy (Sold out), Bang! (Sold Out) Glamour (Sold Out) ,Letters To My Frenz-A Split Enz Book (Sold Out) and soon "WINGS" will be gone. Our little Crowded House Ghost Cars.. book also just 1/3 of a box left. The 4th diary book TRIP 2 boxes left- we did an extra 500 of that but still , it's getting to be slim pickings at Rocket Pocket Books. As soon as our work schedule permits I am turning my full focus back to The Early Years as I am determined to get our 8th book available.Thank you to those who have been extra patient on that release. I figure releasing 10 books in ones life time is enough for one mere mortal? So 2 more to go. Would love to pen one on Skyhooks from our perspective and maybe a very cool travel book.

March 9th

The Glory Days of Pub Rock (Volume 2) arrives, talk about packed full of songs. Four cds! Phew. Mark says he saw an advert for it on Foxtel Happy that "Over the Border" is on it, instead of the usual predictable Skyhooks songs.

Shocked & surprised that the council have done all the roads around our property, as well as side clipping grass and digging out the earthen water gutters. You can tell we paid our rates on time, so good to be able to say something positive about our council, most people bitch about them endlessly.

March 10th

A week of super hot days , Summer is far from over.

Edit some live ALT from the transfer and decided "Halfway Round The World" will be the one to go up on YouTube. So very little ALT Live footage, this ones a gem. Canada 1995. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj6Q5YhcsNI

The race is on for Wings off Flies, suddenly masses of people (quote) "must have this book". It's brilliant, Marks table covered in copies for him to sign. I expect WINGS to be a sell out very soon. www.rocketpocketbooks.com for a copy.

March 11th

Australia has dropped to #50 now for slowest Internet speeds in the world. What a truly useless lemon our NBN is. The best way to stuff something up, hand it to the Liberal Party of Australia. Truly pathetic Mr Turnbull.

Good to see that Nick Seymour has been playing onstage at Neil's recent shows. It's helped to create a really good fan vibe.

Weed out more small blackberry bushes today, it's the perfect weather for them to multiply so we have to stay on top of it. This is my second attack on them in as many weeks.

The WA election is on later today, I'm stiff confidant of a Labor victory, I'm also hoping Pauline Hanson's One Racist party will crash and burn.

We watch the debut episode of WHEN WE RISE on SBS, it's pretty good, a bit of gay history, and some enjoyable moments.

We head to ABC 24 channel after RISE and the counting is under way. I wish all election results were this exceptional. It's a wipe out for the Liberals, a total massacre, Labor could win as many as 40 seats, which is probably close to a record for Western Australia. Stoked for Mark McGowan and his team. The Liberals filmed are left scratching their heads, they just look old and outdated. Pauline Hanson throws a tizzy and One Nation ban the press from filming. The One Nation 16 point hype numbers end up being spin and they get a pissweak 4.5%, half of what the Greens get . Of course Hanson blames everyone else because that is all she does. Australia is fast becoming a a sea of Red. Labor now control- WA, Victoria, SA, QLD, NT, Canberra. NSW will crumble next and then Tasmania and eventually the Federal Liberals will be booted out. Turnbull goes into denial, moaning that the Liberal removal of penalty rates were not a factor- his head totally buried in the sand. They were Malcolm, they really were. Good work WA. Still chuckling that Mark McGowan walked onstage to AC/DC's T.N.T. - excellent. Thanks God it was the Bon AC/DC!

March 12th

WA Election fall out, all day. Nationals leader Brendon Grylls loses his seat of Pilbara to Labor, so he's gone too.

I head to the Deli, and take a box of WINGS to sign for those who have ordered it. It's bizzare but all of a sudden I am surrounded by people asking about the book, and soon people start pulling out cash and buying copies. I'm wearing a WA Labor shirt and a couple go and shout me a coffee. "Isn't it a great result " they beam. As I'm about the leave one of the Deli girls wanders out and wants the book too and some locals at Kalorama. This is way too freaky. That made me smile.

Skyhooks "Hits 'N' Riffs" album has now spent a year on the Aussie charts, life in the ol' Hooks still, good to see. Thanks to those of you who bought copies.

We enjoy Bette Davis and Joan Crawford mini drama FEUD. It has some great lines. I wonder how much of the story was real.

That is it for another diary.

Life is good.


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