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updated 23 July 2017

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July 10th

Monday is home-made bread and schnitzel salad sandwich day , creatures of habit we are. I was running out of the grain for my bread, so made a bit of a combo loaf. Not too bad.

I heard from Neil today which was great, just an update on stuff that's coming up. Good he keeps me updated. I love it when he has some cool ideas, instead of the usual safe formula that so many people stick to.

I clean the inside of my car at lunch break- all the leather and vinyl - now looking like it's brand new. All shiny shiny.... the outside looks Kalorama muddy! Well it is Winter here.

July 11th

I surprise Mark by finding his favourite chocolate bar. It must be the very last one in Australia. He's treating it like some long lost lover or a bar of gold. He doesn't know it but I might have found 3 more. I'll keep them as a surprise for a later date.

His birthday is on July 27th, still not sure what to get him. I'm so lucky, I really do have the best bloke in the world as my partner in crime. Maybe a little present every day for a week.

Last gasps of this bloody stupid bug. My body has almost won the battle and no super drugs needed.

Greg Mac calls and received the Fanzines- nice compliments which is great. So far that's what we've had this great vibe- people get it. Fantastic. A happy little project.

Finally Superstore comes to Foxtel- it's 2 years behind, but worth the wait-we love it! At least they are showing 2 episodes at a time ....it will only take a year or so to catch up! Still no reason why it took so long to be shown.

July 12th

I have a nice chat with Spock from BCO today, it's been awhile. 2017 is just flashing past, funny how the days just seem to pick up speed. Anyway it's good to hear from him and he congratulates us on "Wings Off Flies" about to sell out. The 5th book to do so. He put a lot of work into the book , so it's nice for him too that so many music lovers appreciate it. Looks like the new Boom Crash Opera EP will happen later not sooner.

July 13th

We had two offers tonight, a 50th birthday party and to attend the opening night for Paris (Thanks Teresa) . We still might be contagious so knocked both on the head and stayed in. Would hate to give this bug to anyone else. We haven't really been really sick, it's just annoying and we are letting our bodies fight it. People seem to take pills for everything , I'm happy for my immune system to fight this one. It will take longer but hey , less antibiotics etc the better...slow and steady. Sick is boring.

Tortillas for dinner, stuff them with some pickled ginger too- I have it spare from my japanese food. They taste pretty good!

July 14th

A few emails arrive around the mysterious dates on Neil Finn's social media areas. Not as many people asking as expected. All will be revealed soon. He's a clever man that Neil Finn, I love working with him. I've made the suggestion that both Finn Brothers albums come out on vinyl, it's a good one to encourage .... lets hope we can make it a reality.

July 15th

Our good mate Jason drives us to the car. Was hoping it was just a faulty fuel gauge but no such luck. Time for it to get a full service , our Jackeroo has been incredible so it's good to look after it.

Cancel out with Fran, and she has the bug anyway , so it wasn't going to happen anyway. Seems everyone is getting this stupid bug.

Sis and hubby take MIM ice skating for the first time, she has so many adventures and she's not even 4 years old. Skate on you wild creature.

July 16th

So the Enz debut at #91 in the Top 500. The sales were very solid, I guess any overseas ones are not included on the chart. I looked up The Living Enz lp when it was released all those years ago and it made it to #88 .... so #91 isn't too bad. Especially in 2017 when albums sell so few. #5 on the NZ heat seekers chart too. At the end of the day this is purely a catalogue piece so to have it chart is just short of a miracle. It's good for new fans to be able to get a copy or for those who want the 2nd disc from the unreleased show.

So Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th Dr. We had a feeling it was going to be a woman.... I do love The Master as Missy. Michelle Gomez is awesome. A part of me wishes that "somehow" Missy would actually become The Dr... I'm sure they would find a way, A Dr who has the uncomfortable past of the Master and his own... could of been a fascinating potpourri .... am excited to see what Jodie Whittaker does with the role.

July 17th

Poet and author Jen Brown buys the very very last copy of Wings Off Flies. We are very happy about that. So they have all gone - the stock shelf empty ... it took forever but even that I am fine about. Thanks to those diary readers who grabbed a copy and made the book possible. I love it when a project is completed and all copies gone.

We have a handful of the Crowded House GHOST CARS ON THE FREEWAY books left- head to www.rocketpocketbooks.com if you want to secure one of the last copies. It will be the next to go.

Exciting afternoon in a Tow truck, was kind of into it... zooming around the hills. Rough trade ... love it.

July 18th

Mail MIM a small gift, just for fun. A packet of GAK. I don't mean Crystal Meth type GAK, I mean the stretchy moulding substance ..she'll have fun with it... and hopefully not coat the house in orange red slime.

We watch TABOO, on Foxtel which is excellent. Tom Hardy is awesome as Delaney. I like the way it's filmed.. good script. Subtle gothic moments...

July 19th

A grey old day, misty rain and a strange object exploded in the night sky over northern Victoria!!!! It's the Aliens coming to visit us again.

Put up the link for the ENZO Melbourne show. It's on all our areas, so all fans have to do is make the slightest effort and they'll be aware. Hoping everyone gets good tickets.

Homemade Tomato soup for lunch with fresh oven baked bread. Just what you want on such a cold old day.

I'm car less for a week+ , it's getting the full service, and Holden people are flat out so it's going to take them awhile. I'm ok with a bit of walking, some daily exercise in Winter, it's not a bad thing. get my luscious legs back into shape.

Feeling less crazy today, had a moment the other day not certain what triggered it, but today is another day and all good.

July 20th

Our mate Martin drops us off at the supermarket, which was so excellent of him- and by sheer luck Miss Rosemaree is shopping and kindly drives us home. We have such lovely friends ( bribe them with packets of doughnuts) . I sneakily buy Mark 5 bags of Wallaby Bites for his birthday on the 27th. I'm going to give him a present every day for the next week. Some are just small , but it's nice to be spoilt.

Thank you Qantas - we are VERY happy!!!!

July 21st

Happy Birthday Fran and Trudi! We love you guys. X

Bongo and the band are at the Flying Saucer Club tonight . Great that he is still up on the stage. He called the other day , chatted what seemed like forever.

I grab some Salt + Vinegar chips from Nellys as a thank you to Martin. So many pumpkins in the store today, there is a beauty- a Black Futsu ..... not to be confused with the Wacky Green (yes I am setting myself up by even mentioning it).

The wonderful Billy sends me a replacement Paul Kelly cd...Death's Dateless Night a wonderful release. We like Paul Kelly.

July 22nd

Coffee at the General Store and good to see Rosemaree - she's knitting so many incredible Poppy's for the RSL. A very kind thing to do.

She also sneakily drives me to Mangana where I buy Mark and myself some SNOX. How to describe Snox? Imagine you peel the inside of an Ugg boot. So almost a giant thick furry sock, with the inside nice snug aussie wool.

I see Rosemaree admiring a little ceramic bird so I buy that as a present, I even get something for myself. A little carved wooden stamp- of a Tree. A friend asks me which Tree is it. It could be the Tree of Life, or it could be the Weirwood tree in the godswood of Winterfell., but more likely my lovely walnut tree in the grounds of Ailsa Craig. It's a cool little design, I'm going to use it on little note cards. Hell it was $5 - a bargain. A little Object d'art.

Make home-made Lasagne for dinner and we continue watching the hundreds of episodes of Wentworth and the Gay Marriage episode of The Simpsons which is a good chuckle. Mark points out that in 2012 The Simpsons can have a fun gay marriage episode but the conservative arse-holes in Australia are still preventing Marriage Equality in this country. Seems Springfield can have gay weddings but no Kalorama..... but soon, very soon, nothing will stop it.

July 23rd

Sleep in, well I thought it was much later, it wasn't. I am up 3 minutes before Mark today, which is rare. I go for a bit of a morning walk- run into Hisako with Sally..., Christine and the Europeans and then Bob. Takes me double the time to get to the Store. Everyone is so chatty. It's quiet in the store today. I start archiving some of my tour itineraries. All seem a world away but loads of fun memories of being on the road.

Home again and chat to my Mum- she has the flu and over it. She hates being sick.

I put on my SNOX and spend a few hours working in the office- Mr Bob Dylan keeping me company.

That's it for another diary and on time. After all these decades I'm finally on top of it.

Love life it's way too short.


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